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Frequently Asked Questions and Tips

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What is a dangerous tree?

There are a few reasons why your tree can be making you wonder if it's dangerous when you watch it in a storm, or even on a beautiful sunny spring day.

Is there fungus around the root base of tree or in the tree?
If your tree is rotting there is a very good chance you'll find bugs making their homes and starting to consume the tree.

If your tree is not as healthy as normal in looks it may be lack of water. It also may because of recent or past compaction or root damage from construction or driving on roots.

You may have a "widow maker" This is a branch that is broken in the tree and simply snagged and stuck on the tree waiting to fall at any moment.

What can you do? Bark mulch is one of the best things you can do to add nitrogen and natural fertilizers back into soil and food that your tree needs.

Call a certified local Arbourist. There are many more reasons why trees fail and become dangerous. For now we hope you can find some knowlagible information.

How much does an Arbourist cost?

As Tree climbers and a certified Arbourist, speaking on behalf of all Arbourist out there, we have a exciting and dangerous profession. Every job varies as small as a one hour job to a one week job. It is best is to give us a call for a free consultation and quote.

When do I need permits?

It is best is to go to your municipal website and in the search icon enter in tree permits.  These sites are user friendly. Start reading and you'll learn all you want to know.

Should I top my tree?

Simple answer is no. As a certified Arbourists we are trained and taught to not top trees as we are "tree doctors" not tree butchers. There are a few technics we can offer to reduce the size of your tree such as thinning, cleaning or crown reduction.

Will my neighbour be upset with me when I remove my hedge?

It depends on your neighbour. I would strongly recommend you touch base with them if you want to keep a healthy relationship. We have seen and heard many bad stories especially if you don't know where your property line is and you cut trees that are not yours. Open communication is healthy.

If your neighbours are not happy about you cutting your hedge simply explain why you want to cut it down. Some reasons people remove hedges are for health reasons. Pest control (rodents and animals can use trees to get into house), need more light many more reasons. They might even split the cost with you. If your neighbours are simply not happy with you cutting your trees down you know you did everything as right as possible.

When do I prune my tree?

Every tree reacts a little different. Usually the best time for pruning is right before spring. When you make cuts/wounds on the tree it's best that they are not exposed too long, so as soon as it's spring the tree is able to heal to prevent rot and disease.

What kind of tree do I have?

Call an Arbourist, or take a picture and bring to a garden store and ask for their help. Take a full picture of the tree and also close up of leaves and branch formation. There are websites and apps you can download as well.

How do I prune my tree?

Our local UFV provides an excellent coarse in fruit tree pruning.

Some common simple tips:

-You need clean sharp pruning tools or saws to create clean smooth cuts

-You want to cut on the outside of the branch collar

-Cuts should not be bigger than 3 inches in diameter if you can. Better for healing

-Cut right above the bud so you will eliminate any dead branch below, then the bud can grow at full throttle.

-Call an Arbourist 

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